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Starlight is pleased to announce the launch of the Sentinel Division, a unique and highly-specialized offering that is unprecedented in the valet industry.

The Sentinel Division is an elite subgroup of valet attendants who are required to complete an additional comprehensive curriculum of certification and other training courses that provide them with the crucial skills needed to work in more dynamic and sensitive environments such as medical facilities, high-end hotels, celebrity events, and many others. This gives these front-line professionals the knowledge and ability to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected issues, clients with unique needs, and other sudden occurrences.

These extensively trained attendants function seamlessly as an extension of your organization’s policies and procedures related to security, conflicts, emergencies, disasters, and other unexpected events.

Service & training

The Sentinel Division will work with your organization to 

develop strategies to mitigate these potential scenarios:

  • Inebriated person entering or leaving establishment
  • Domestic violence situation within or outside establishment
  • Gunfire within or outside establishment
  • Verbal and/or physical altercation within or outside establishment
  • Fall, injury, or health emergency occurring within or outside establishment
  • Criminal activity occurring within or outside establishment
  • Individual with special needs or physical impairment arriving to or leaving establishment
  • Human trafficking activity occurring within or outside establishment
  • Trespassers attempting to enter establishment (homeless, mentally impaired, etc.)
  • Celebrity or other high-profile individuals entering or leaving establishment
  • Motor vehicle accident in or around parking lot of establishment
  • Fire occurring within or outside establishment
  • Storm, lightning, tornado, and other weather events
  • Animal encounters (strays, dog bites, etc.)

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