» Posted on May 3, 2012

 Professional valet service create  the perfect first impression. One that says welcome, we are prepared to treat you like the special guest you are. Valet parking helps to create an efficient way to keep your guest’s focus on your event and not on where they need to park their cars.

Valet parking services attract more business to your business. Establishments located in congested areas know that parking can be a major problem. The hassle of finding a place to park, walking whatever distance required to be on time, can be a hassle.  Retaining the services of Starlight Valet & Parking services instantly eliminates this parking stress.

Starlight offers the face of  luxury that many people  associate with Jacksonville’s first coast style and world class convenience.  Your guests will want to return again and again for that special touch of elegance first provided by Starlight Valet services and then followed up by an extraordinary evening out at your establishment.  Working together we create an atmosphere of success as well as providing a touch of elegance.  Retaining valet services for your event adds to the overall effect of creating the look and feel of affluent style.

Call us today and let us know how we can provide you and then your guests with professional valet and parking services.